As all our collection is made to measure we can alter the width, height and depth of the piece so it perfectly fits the space you have available in your home. When selecting the size of your new piece of furniture one of the first things is to decide where it will live in your home and exactly what space is available.

Here is a useful guide to imperial/metric conversions:
1" = 2.5cm
12" = 30.5cm
3ft = 91.4cm

Width = left to right
Height = bottom to top
Depth = front to back

A good way to check that your new piece of furniture will be in proportion to the rest of the room, is to map out the space using newspaper or mark out your floor with masking tape.

It is important to allow adequate space to walk around your furniture, open doors, drawers etc. With Kitchen and Refectory Tables you need to make sure you have at least 60cm clearance for the chair when it's out from the table, in order to sit comfortably.